ACCM Accreditation Commission

Types of Accreditation

A medical school in full compliance with accreditation standards usually receives a 6-year Unconditional (full) accreditation, subject to submission of annual Survey Reports.  It must receive annual or bi-annual inspection visits to the campus, as well as visits to all its affiliated clinical training sites, and must demonstrate evidence of continued compliance with the ACCM Standards of Accreditation.

Medical schools which undergo substantive change (e.g. change of ownership, relocation, etc) receive an extra inspection visit within 6 months of the change so that ACCM may be assured that the medical school remains in compliance with accreditation standards.

Conditional accreditation is for periods of up to 3 years, and indicates that the medical school is in substantial compliance with standards, and has been informed of matters requiring attention.

Medical schools falling out of compliance with standards go to Probationary Accreditation status, and are given a time period of up to two years in which to correct the deficiencies, after which accreditation can be withdrawn if the school fails to take the appropriate actions during that period.  There is an appeals process available to medical schools whose accreditation is withdrawn.

Provisional accreditation is when a medical school has met the ACCM eligibility requirements, an initial inspection has been made, and the medical school has certified its readiness and ability to comply with the Standards of Accreditation.




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