ACCM Accreditation Commission

Information for Governments

ACCM requires an accreditation agreement with each government served, designating the roles, responsibilities and expectations of both parties. ACCM reports annually to governments.  ACCM's report includes details of accreditation activities during the year, a review of the Survey Report received from the medical school, and a note of changes that may have occurred in the medical school or its educational programme and the effects of these changes.  The accreditation status of the school is either confirmed, or a change of status is notified.

When there has been an inspection visit to the medical school campus, a full report on the inspection is made to the government, and the medical school's compliance with accreditation standards is analysed and reported.  ACCM reviews the medical school's accreditation status after each inspection, and notifies governments of its decision.

Inviting ACCM to be medical accreditation body

In brief, preliminary steps are: