ACCM Accreditation Commission

Information for Medical Schools


Medical school writes to ACCM stating that its request for accreditation is voluntary and the school is committed to complying with the Standards of Accreditation and Protocol for Accreditation, and that the school agrees to abide by ACCM's decision and hold it blameless for any adverse decision.  The medical school agrees to indemnify ACCM for disclosing to the public or any agencies its accreditation decision and the underlying reasons.   It is further required that the medical school:

  1. is in operation.
  2. sponsors one or more degree programmes.
  3. has a published mission statement.
  4. has admission policies which are published, and appropriate for the school's stated educational goals.
  5. discloses all information to ACCM deemed necessary for evaluation.
  6. is chartered, licensed and authorised to award the M.D. degree by the regulatory body that governs education institutions in the country. Documentary evidence must be provided.
  7. is governed by a board of trustees/director who are neither employed by, nor maintaining a business relationship, with the medical school.
  8. employs a full time chief executive officer, fulll-time chief academic officer and a full time administration.
  9. has the necessary administrative, educational, financial and learning resources to fulfil its educational goals.
  10. has assembled a faculty whose members possess appropriate qualifications in their areas of instruction.
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