ACCM Accreditation Commission

Protocol for Accreditation

Full text available to Governments, Medical Schools or other professional or educational bodies from ACCM Secretariat.   Full text available to the general public on request from ACCM Secretariat.

Brief Overview of Protocol

The Protocol sets out :

the composition, rules, and structure of ACCM, and the roles and responsibilities of the Commissioners.

the requirements for initiating the accreditation process, including eligibility requirements.

the steps of the process, with timelines, whether for new, existing or developing medical schools

the protocol for inspection visits, including documentation required in advance

the agenda for an inspection, including a list of personnel to be interviewed, and facilities and resources to be inspected.

the formula which ACCM uses to write the inspection report

the process for arriving at an accreditation decision, describing types of decision, and the process for notifying government, school and public of the decision

the appeal process in the case of an adverse decision

the protocol for post-accreditation oversight

issues affecting accreditation

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